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SPCA in Puerto Vallarta in Ruins: Please Help

PV destruction

It’s Not COVID, It’s a Coyote in a Classroom

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Who Will Suffer Separation Anxiety – You or Your Pets?

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New Treatment for Mast Cell Cancer in Dogs


Thoughts on 9/11 and Dogs at Ground Zero


Dogs and Cats and Rescuers Make It Out of Afghanistan


Dogs and the Pandemic; Preventing Kennel Cough and Dog Flu


Conversation with Handler of Dog in an Iconic 9-11 Photo

New York, N.Y. (Sept. 15, 2001) -- A rescue dog is transported out of the debris of the World Trade Center.  The twin towers of the center were destroyed in a Sept. 11 terrorist attack.  U.S. Navy Photo by Journalist 1st Class Preston Keres.  (RELEASED)

Recalling My Conversations With Search and Rescue Dog Handlers of 9/11

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Surgery on a Dog Born with Paws Upside Down

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Labor Day Dogs Detect Ovarian Cancer, Not to Mention COVID-19


Pets Dealing with Change; Most Photographed Dog from Ground Zero on 9/11

Riley and Chris Selfridge