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Now is the Time to Worry Most About Lyme in Dogs; New Dental Care Product

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Overwhelming: Rescuing About 200 Dogs and Cats from a Private Residence

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Enrichment for Pets; New Answer Coming for Arthritic Dogs


Rats Rule: But It Doesn’t Need to be That Way

throwing food in garden attracts rats

Enrichment Ideas for Senior Pets

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What Do Dogs Know? According To One Survey, They Really Understand Us


6 Unusual Canine Jobs: Celebrating Labor Day

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Dog Escapes a Shelter for a Nursing Facility

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You’re Out the Movie Promotes Pitbull Adoptions

you're out

Bob Barker: A Superstar Supporter for Animals

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For the Love of Dog, Pilley Bianchi


National Dog Day: The Human Animal Bond

human animal bond