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Birds of a Feather Video Flock Together

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Shoplifting Seagull

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Oscar Nominated Kitbull: A Dog and a Cat Becoming Besties

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Contra Freeloading, A New Way to Feed Pets

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Meow Meet Up Chicago

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Fear Free and Please NO Declaw on WGN Radio

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Decoding Your Dog for Christmas

Decoding-Your-Dog, Steve-Dale, Dr. Gary-Lansberg, Dr. Debra-Horwitz, WGN-Radio, AVMA

Fear, Anxiety and Stress For Pets at Christmas: What Do You Do?

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Cats Hunting Indoors: It's Only Natural

It's not what we're feeding cats, it's how we're feeding our cats that matters the most

Decoding Your Dog: Best Gift for Dog Lovers

Decoding Your Dog - what a great Howliday gift for dog lovers

Windy Kitty Cat Café Set to Open

Long awaited Windy Kitty Cat Cafe opens soon

Treating Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

As dogs live longer, more likely we see cognitive decline