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Cat Yoga at the Windy Kitty

If you love yoga, you haven’t lived until you’ve participated in a cat yoga class (where downward dog is never allowed). The Windy Kitty offers cat yoga on many Sunday mornings. To get a feel for what that’s all about, check out WGN Radio Recess.  WGN Radio staffers, including myself and Pam Jones of WGN…

Chicago Margarita Festival

Alex Blackshire, event coordinator for the Chicago Margarita Festival joins me on WGN Radio on the The Matt Bubala Show HERE to talk about the most important topic ever talked about – EVER on the radio: Margaritas. And esteemed, venerable WGN newsman Roger Badesch tries his first margarita EVER in a historic moment in broadcast…

NY Cat Film Festival Benefiting Winn Feline Foundation and all Cats

The 1st Annual NY Cat Film Festival™ is a medley of short films – documentary and narrative – that honor the mysterious felines, who have fascinated mankind for centuries and continue to enchant us. The film fest travels around America, and may be coming to near where you live. Cats have their own unique and…

Cat and Dog Film Festivals in Chicago

Cats are the second most popular subject of online videos, and cats video that dispel cat myths, represent how cats can be inspirational in our lives are those featured at the the NY Cat Film Festival.  The next stop is in Chicago, April 28 at the Patio Theater, 6008 W. Irving Park Rd., at noon. Proceeds benefit the Winn Feline…

It's All Happening at South Suburban Humane Society and Cat & Dog Film Fests

Emily Klehm of South Suburban Humane Society says shelters in Chicago need to work together more closely and on the top of everything else Animal Welfare League of Chicago “issues” place more pressure than ever on South Suburban. HEAR Emily explain more here on my Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio Show. Chicago Animal Care and…

Cat and Dog Film Festival to Purr and Bark in Chicago

For those who love dogs and cats, a special weekend of films is taking place in Chicago. The NY Cat Film Festival™ and The NY Dog Film Festival™ will be at the Patio Theater on April 28 & 29, 2018.  The festivals are each a celebration of our love for dogs and cats, illustrated through…

The NY Cat Film Festival Names Winn Feline Foundation National Beneficiary

  The NY Cat Film Festival™, a celebration of our love for cats, illustrated through film, has named Winn Feline Foundation (Winn) the festival’s national beneficiary, helping the foundation support lifesaving cat health research. The NY Cat Film Festival™ debuted in New York City in late 2017 to great acclaim and a sold out theater.…

Isle of Dogs

This is sure the Year of the Dog movies, and the most recent is Isle of Dogs, is from the creative mind of Wes Anderson. The puppet animation is incredible, details like little fleas hopping around the disheveled dogs. To be sure this isn’t particularly a movie for very young children, and definitely a movie…

Cat: The Prescription to Advance Health

It’s the best prescription product, though is still pending FDA approval. Take one or two or three a day…maybe four.

Richard Lanni on Stg. Stubby An American Hero

I talk with Richard Lanni, director of “Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero” on WGN Radio. HEAR Richard tell me about the animated movie about the little dog who could salute just as well as any U.S. soldier. The story is a real one, about Stubby saved too many lives to even count.  He warned entire French…

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