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Fear Free Happy Homes

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What a Fear Free Veterinary Practice Looks Like

A Fear Free certified veterinary clinic

Dr. Natalie Marks on WGN: Fear Free Makes a Difference for Pets

With Dr. Natalie Marks on WGN radio talking Fear Free

Feliway Decreases Stress of Veterinary Exams

Feliway helps to decrease stress in a veterinary setting

Dr. Shelly Rubin on Mosquitoes, Heartworm and More on WGN Radio

Dr. Rubin in the new WGN studios

Fearful to Fear Free: Transformational Ideas

This book is brilliant!

Kittens Going to School?

Dr. Kersti Seksel is the mother of all kitten classes

Lincoln State Cat Show

This is Cornish Rex cat at the Lincoln State Cat Show

Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day with Steve Dale

Speaking Up Regarding Animal Welfare League; Purrs to Lincoln State Cat Show

Superstars and Superheroes at the Lincoln State Cat Show

What Is Being a Responsible Pet Owner?

February is Responsible Pet Owner Month

Does Your Pet Love You?

Our pets do love us, says Steve Dale, CABC