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Elephant Loves the Foot Pad Trim

Using positive reinforcement, this elephant actually looks forward to foot pad trims

All Veterinary Professionals Support Fear Free

Veterinary technicians/veterinary nurses support Fear Free

Camels Can Hop On to the Scale But Not Cats?

If they can weigh a camel, you'd think a cat would be easy

Fear Free: Inspiring and Educating

Fear Free's goal is achievable - happy pets at the vet clinic

"You & Me" and Fear Free

Steve Dale on You and Me with Fear Free

Fear Free: Dogs Pulling Owners INTO the Clinic

Dog really can be eager to see the Fear Free veterinary practice

Veterinarians and Pet Owners Should Support Fear Free

Dr. Marty Becker and Dr. Debra Horwitz talk about Fear Free veterinary visits with Steve Dale

Dogs Are Fear Free, Loving Veterinary Visits

Our dogs love going into Blum Animal Hospital

Fear Free Veterinary Visits

I think this is how many pets feel at the veterinary clinic