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Lost Dogs Reunited

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Chicago Closes a Loophole: Reaffirming No Dogs, Cats or Rabbits Sold at Pet Stores


Washington State Bans Future Sales of Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores

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Lemon Law Is No Answer: More Like Pet Store (and Puppy Mill) Protection

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Steve Dale Petcast Episode #1: Human Animal Bond

service dogs and ptsd

Rise in Brazen Dog Thefts

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Does Major the White House Dog Have a Major Problem?

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Suicides in Veterinary Medicine: Far More Than You May Know

veterinarians deal with dog flu

Aurora, IL Seeks To Ban Sales of Dogs/Cats at Pet Stores; Sen. Linda Holmes on WGN Radio

No reputable breeder

Illinois Seeks to Ban Sales of Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores State-Wide

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Discovered New Solution for Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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AKC Most Popular Dog Breeds