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Chicago Considers Anti-Tethering Ordinance

Chicago is one of the few cities where it’s technically illegal to tie-out your dog in front of Starbucks or a convenience store. I participated to write this into city ordinance several years ago. Now, Ald. Ray Lopez (15th ward) is supporting an addition,  to make it illegal to “stake out or tie out (or…

Better Plan For Feral Cats, What Is It?

TNR (trap neuter return) of feral cats may not be a perfect system, but it works. If there’s a better plan, let’s see it! John Kass, Chicago Tribune columnist, has been assailing outdoor cats, calling them “familiars of satan” (I’m not certain what that means, but it doesn’t sound kind) and suggesting they kill billions…

Trump Kids Proud of Killing Animals

I have a point of view regarding big game hunting, particularly of endangered or threatened species – I am against it. I abhor it. I don’t understand how this is something other than murder, and it’s certainly not “sport.” I feel this way  – no matter who is holding the gun. So, this is not…

Feral Cats Are Major Killers of Rats, Not Birds

Guest blog from researcher/author Anne E. Beall, Ph.D. is CEO of Beall Research, Inc. and the author of “Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats.” Among her other books, “Strategic Market Research, 2nd Edition,” “Reading the Hidden Communications Around You” and co-author “The Operating Partner in Private Equity.” Beall is internationally respected as a…

Feral Cats, Don't Mix Facts with Fiction

Cats do not suck the souls of babies John Kass, as he suggests in his Chicago Tribune column, “Feral Cats, rats and songbirds form unnatural mix.”  Kass criticizes efforts of Tree House Humane Society (and by association lots of shelters in Chicago and around the country) for their efforts to implement trap-neuter-return (TNR) of feral…

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