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Double-Defense Against Heartworm

Mosquitoes spread heartworm to dogs, and disease to us  - keep them away

Cats Are Second Class Citizens When It Comes to Parasite Protection

Flea and tick protection is important for cats as much as it is dogs

Misinformed Pet Segment

Dana Humprey is wrong to encourage pets to eat garlic or to give pets a flea bath

Double-Defense Against Heartworm

Mosquitoes carry disease - this is serious, and heartworm can kill dogs

Zika Is Here! How Dogs May Help

Might dogs somehow help in the Zika fight?

Escaping Fleas

Does being in the mountainds mean no fleas?

Banfield State of Pet Health 2016

Steve Dale and Dr. Kirk Breuninger talk about the Banfield State of Pet Health in 2016

Mosquitoes Carry More Disease Than You Think

Aside from preventing illness from fleas and ticks, mosquitoes need to be on the list as well

Dogs Might Help Battle Zika

Fewer mosquitoes bites means less itching but may also provide a public health service with Vectra 3D

Zika Virus and Dogs, And More Parasite Questions

Steve Dale talks with a veterinary parasitologist about Zika in dogs

Freaky Flea Questions

Flea Products Fail, Or Did You Fail?