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Flights for Felines to Build a Kitten Nursery

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Weighing in on Winn Feline Foundation FIP Symposium

Winn Feline Foundation 2011 Symposium

WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World

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Kitten Socialization Classes: A Kitten’s Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

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Seeking Video of Declawed Cats

cat claws

Windy Kitty Cat Cafe’s Kitten Nursery Up and Running


Aeris the Movie About a Kitten with FIP Now Available

Pet expert Steve Dale and Paul Cstro Jr. about Aeris a movie about a kitten with FIP

Two Kittens Are Better than One

Dr. Kim Kendall and two kittens are better than one

National Cat Day: Celebrate with a Regular Veterinary Exam

Steve Dale on National Cat Day

Drug That Can Cure FIP

There is a cure for some kittens with fIP

Help Windy Kitty to Save More Kittens

Windy Kitty Cat Cafe seeks nursery for kittens

Windy Kitty Cat Day

Facebook Live and WGN radio from Windy Kitty with Jenny Tiner