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Speaking Up Regarding Animal Welfare League; Purrs to Lincoln State Cat Show

Superstars and Superheroes at the Lincoln State Cat Show

Winn Feline Foundation: Affecting Every Cat Every Day

Winn Feline Foundation 50 years of advancing feline health

8 Resolutions for Pets

Declaw Linked to Behavior and Medical Problems in Cats, According to Recent Study

Messages and science mounts against declaw

Goodnight Kitty

Nighty night

Cat Food Recall: 9Lives, EverPet, Special Kitty

Cat food recall of 9Lives and several brands

When to 'Fix' Cats

Kittens should be 'fixed' by five motnhs

Bill To Ban Limits on Pet Store Sales Not Heard

Bill on hold - at least for now in the Illinois House

AKC Defends Bill Supporting Puppy Mills in Illinois

Veterinary association and AKC supporting puppy mills?

Firefighter Saves Kitten's Life

Firemen give kitten life-saving CPR

Do They Really Know What TNR Is, Or They Don't Care?

Returning young kittens is inhumane, and shocking

FIP Fundraiser, Winn Feline Foundation

Cat expert Steve Dale writes about Brian Fund, Winn Feline Foundation fundraiser