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Leptospirosis: Protect Your Pets and Family on WGN Radio

Dr. Natalie Marks on WGN radio

Leptospirosis Remains a Threat

pet expert Steve Dale on leptospirosis in dogs

Dr. Shelly Rubin on Mosquitoes, Heartworm and More on WGN Radio

Dr. Rubin in the new WGN studios

Rain May Be Linked to Increase in Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis should be avoided because it can make dogs so sick that they don't recover, and because it can be spread to people

Cook County Low Cost Rabies and Low Cost Microchip Clinics

Dr. Donna Alexander on Cook County low cost vaccine and low cost microchip clinics

Dog Flu Explanation from Dr. Natalie Marks

Dr. Natalie Marks on dog flu on WGN Raio

Readers Shine Spotlight on Leptospirosis

Lucy Cappuccino on the left and Mickey Mouse

Leptospirosis Outbreak in Puerto Rico

Pet expert Steve Dale reports on leptospirosis in Puerto Rico

Leptospirosis is Killing Dogs, Though May Not Always Be Reported

leptospirosis and why vaccination makes sense

Leptospirosis Explained

Leptospirosis and preventing it

Leptospirosis: Testing Matters, and It's a SNAP

Prevent leptospirosis: Test and Vaccinate

Rat City

Leptospirosis in the city - blame the rats