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Cures4Cats Winn Feline Foundation on WGN Radio


Ticks Love Dogs in the Fall with Dr. Michael Dryden

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Preventing Dog Bites and Parasites on WGN Radio

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Might Cats Suffer from Effects of Lyme Transmission?

feral cats, Steve-Dale, Anne-Beall

Now is the Time to Protect Your Dogs Against Tick Disease

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Opossum Are Our Best Friends; They Devour Ticks


Beware of Lyme Disease in City Parks

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Leptospirosis in the Big City, Tick Disease in Dogs Occurs in People Too


Lyme Disease and Other Tick Diseases Continue to Spread

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Tick Disease is Ecological Havoc

Pet expert Steve Dale and veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden on tick disease in the fall

CDC Wakes Up: Illnesses from Mosquitoes, Ticks and Fleas on the Rise

Tick, mosquito and flea illnesses all on the rise - in people and in pets, and both dogs and cats too

Testing Dogs with 4Dx for Tick Diseases and Feline Leukemia Update

Why it's important to test for tick bite exposure