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Traveling with Cats

This is not how to travel with cats

Talking to You about Pets on WGN Radio

Talking pets Sunday morning on WGN radio, including the Chicago Blackhawks support of pet adoption

Artistic or Just Wrong, Tattooing a Dog

Is this artistic or just wrong?

Some Pet Microchip Companies Acting Irresponsibly

Cook County Veterinarian on Rabies and Microchipping

Chicago Animal Care & Control Pet Adoption Events, Starting at WGN Radio

Case of Two Cats in One

Microchipping is Necessary, American Animal Hospital Association

Proposed Bill to Assist Shelter Animals Tabled in Illinois, The Back Story

Vote for HomeAgain Pet Hero of the Year

Dog Flipping, A Sad New Trend

Microchipping and Pet ID's: Dr. Mike Cavanaugh from American Animal Hospital Association