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Rattiest Cities Spread Leptospirosis in Dogs


New Coronavirus in Bats Could Spread to Humans

Asian bat

New Coronavirus Which Humans Are Susceptible Found in Asian Bats

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Should We Forever Put an End to Mink Farming in the U.S.

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One Health Conversation with Dr. Jenifer Chatfield

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New Year’s Resolutions for Pets; New Treatment for Mast Cell Cancer

smoking cat

Here’s Another Reason to Never Buy Puppies at Pet Stores

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Rats Don’t Mind COVID

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World Small Animal Veterinary Association Focus on Cancer in Pets

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Antibiotic Resistance and One Health

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Is SARS COV-2 Mutating in Mink? Calls Continue for Culling Mink

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Chicago is the Rattiest City: No Wonder There’s So Much Leptospirosis