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Ivermectin, a Common Veterinary Anti-Parasitic Holds Promise to Treat COVID-19


Cats Get Parasites Too


Beware of Lyme Disease in City Parks

children, dogs, Lyme-disease, pet-expert-Steve-Dale

Top-10 Heartworm Cities

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.33.16 PM

Lyme Disease and Other Tick Diseases Continue to Spread

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Screening for Tick Disease

popular ticks

Heartworm is 100 Percent Preventable

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FDA Alert on Chewable Flea and Tick Products

FDA alert on some flea and tick products

Halloween Pet Costume Trends; Visit Chicago Mayoral Candidate and Pet Lovers, and More


Translating FDA Alert Regarding Chewable Flea and Tick Products

Dr. Todd McCracken and Steve Dale explain FDA alert on flea and tick products

Translating FDA Alert About Flea/Tick Products

FDA flea/tick product concerns

FDA Alerts Pet Owners and Veterinarians About Potential Neurologic Effects Associated with Certain Flea and Tick Products

FDA warning about certain flea/tick products