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Veterinarians Endorse Double Defense to Protect Against Heartworm; Tick Diseases in Cats and More

Heartworm doesn't necessarily stop in the winter, and most certainly not in the south

Veterinarian Discusses Stop Lyme Campaign

D. Natalie Marks, DVM on Stop Lyme campaign

AKC Canine Health Supports Tick Disease Research

Studies to fund Lyme disease from AKC CHF

Stop Lyme Campaign

Stop Lyme

Is PeTA Crazy? Protecting City Rats?

PeTA thinks we should protect the rats? They're nuts!

Double-Defense Against Heartworm

Mosquitoes spread heartworm to dogs, and disease to us  - keep them away

Veterinarian with Lyme talks with Steve Dale

Dr. Grace Bransford talks One Health and the Stop Lyme campaign with Steve Dale on WGN Radio

Cats Are Second Class Citizens When It Comes to Parasite Protection

Flea and tick protection is important for cats as much as it is dogs

Preventing Lyme Co-Infection and Lyme Re-Infection

Larva stage of the Ixodes tick is tiny

Misinformed Pet Segment

Dana Humprey is wrong to encourage pets to eat garlic or to give pets a flea bath

Double-Defense Against Heartworm

Mosquitoes carry disease - this is serious, and heartworm can kill dogs

Pet Care Starts with Vet Care on WGN, Dog in Hot Car

Pet expert Steve Dale on WGN Radio, Pet Care Begins with Vet Care