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Alzheimer’s Like Disease in Dogs/Cats; ‘Tis the Season for Ticks and Fleas

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Tick Disease and Veterinary Medicine Today

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More Ticks Means More Tick Disease in Dogs and Humans


Deep Dive: Seresto Flea and Tick Collars – The Confusing Truth


House Committee Says Seresto Should be Recalled


Flea Talk with Dr. Flea, Dr. Michael Dryden

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Cats and Fleas

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Prevent Heartworm; Supporting Your Pets’ Emotional Needs with Fear Free


FDA: Ivermectin, Effective Dewormer and for Parasite Control for Animals Is NOT a Treatment for COVID-19


Chipmunks Carrying the Plague

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People Are NOT Dumping Pandemic Puppies; Tick Talk


Ticks Love Dogs in the Fall with Dr. Michael Dryden

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