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Bill and Wendy with Steve Dale on Helping Pets Fearful of Fireworks


Amy Shojai Power of Pink Honoree

Amy Shojai earns Power of Pink Award

Is Nutrient Enriched Water the Way to Go for Cats?

You can lead a cat to water, but....

Animal Welfare Matters, And Paul Vallas Gets It

Companion animals do so much to benefit families and communities

Pet Afraid of Fireworks? Now is the Time to Plan

pet expert Steve Dale writes about Luna, a dog's story of survival

Back to School, Pets Aren't Happy About That

Kids are back in school, what about the pets?

Animal Control Needs Loving Homes

Open House and Adopt-A-Thon at Chicago Animal Care and Control

Dr. Nicholas Dodman on Neurotic Dogs

Dr. Nicholas Dodman on behavior disorders in dogs

AKC Defends Bill Supporting Puppy Mills in Illinois

Veterinary association and AKC supporting puppy mills?

Halloween Doesn't Need to Spook Pets

Blah! Blah! How to prevent pet-trified pets

Toothaches in Pets May be Hard to Detect

Dr. Tracy Jenson, past president American Animal Hospital Association on pet dental care

Choosing a Pet: It's OK to be Different

Dr. Nancy Soares of American Animal Hospital Association on adding a new pet