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Are There Any Benefits to Grain Free Diets for Dogs?

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Pet Food Myths and Tips; Heartworm Can Be Prevented on WGN Radio

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My New Job: Veterinary Avenger

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FDA Reports Findings For DCM Heart Disease Related to Pet Foods

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Truth About Raw Meat-Based Diets for Pets

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Risks Regarding Raw Pet Food Diets

Lots of concerns regarding raw food diets

What's Happening to Your Aging Dog? What to Feed an Aging Dog?

Chatting about senior pet diets with Dr. Lisa Freeman

What's the Value of Comparing Pet Food Ingredients?

Making pet food choices

Just Right by Purina is Made for YOUR Dog

Dr. Kurt Venator and Hazel

Dog Food Logic, Linda Case on WGN Radio

Facebook Fan Page Updates, Easy Way to Keep Up

WGN Radio Petcast: Report from North American Veterinary Conference