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Even Images of Dogs are Healthful; Beefing Up Dog Fighting Laws and Puppy Protection Act

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Ending Insurance Company Breed Discrimination and Pet Stores Selling Dogs and Cats

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Which States Are Most Likely to Buy Gifts for Pets

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Illinois Director of HSUS on Potential Reversal of Illinois Law to Ban Sales of Dogs/Cats at Pet Stores

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Veterinary Predictions for 2023

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Steve Dale New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

AVMA Awards 008

Governor Signs Bill: No Dogs, Cats, Rabbits Sold at New York Pet Stores

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More Cities Continue to Ban Dog and Cat Sales at Pet Stores

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Pet Supplies Plus and Largest Dog Wedding; Search and Rescue Dogs at Ground Zero

9_11 search and rescue dog

Updates on Maryland and Illinois Regarding Pet Store Sales

pet store puppies

Cities and States Continue to Limit Pet Store Sales

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New York State Bans Sales Dogs, Cats, Rabbits

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