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SPCA in Puerto Vallarta in Ruins: Please Help

PV destruction

Helping Pets Adjust to Changes, Like Back to School

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Pets Dealing with Change; Most Photographed Dog from Ground Zero on 9/11

Riley and Chris Selfridge

Bats and the Bond: The Human Animal Bond with Bats

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FDA: Ivermectin, Effective Dewormer and for Parasite Control for Animals Is NOT a Treatment for COVID-19


Chicago Police Officer Ella French Was an Animal Lover; Donate To A Shelter in Her Name

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Going Back to the Workplace and/or Kids Heading Off to School: How to Prepare the Pets

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Disaster Preparedness and Your Pets; Pet Safety Under the Sun and Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

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Sick and Tired of ‘No Kill’ vs. ‘Kill’: Greatly It’s a False Debate

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Illinois Governor Signs Two Important Pet-Friendly Bills

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Austin Brown Sings to the Animals

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Lucy and Desi’s Granddaughter Speaking Out to Make a Difference