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Esther the Wonder Pig


Case of the Wild Boar

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Heartfelt Connections with Anne Beall on WGN Radio

Anne Beall, heartfelt connections, WGN-radio, Steve-Dale

Heartfelt Connections Go Both Ways, Pets to People and People to Pets

Anne Beall talks human-animal bond on WGN radio

Heartfelt Connections on WGN: Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Llamas and More

Anne Beall and Steve Dale talk about "Heartfelt Connections," like dogs who help kids to read

Heartfelt Connections with Anne Beall

Dr. Anne Beall is author of Heartfelt Connections - what animals can do

Unlikely Companions: Dr. Laurie Hess

 Steve Dale talks with Dr. Laurie Hess about her book "Unlikely Companions"

The Human-Animal Bond Makes Us Human

Heartfelt Connections, a conversation with Anne Beall

Pets Connect in a Heartfelt Way on WGN

Steve Dale and Anne Beall on WGN Radio

Unlikely Animal Friends

Vaccine to Control Pig Virus

Selecting a Cold-Blooded Friend, American Veterinary Medical Association