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Pit Bull Breed Ban Repealed in Denver


Stopping the Practice of Insurance Companies Discriminating Based on Breed

smiles from bit bull

Tickle Your Funny Bone for Friends of Chicago Animal Control

FCACC funny bone

Aurora, CO Repeals Their Breed Ban on Pit Bulls


Forever 21 Removes Hoodie of Pit Bull-Type Dog in Chains

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.19.00 AM

Hoodie with Pit Bull-Type Dog Image Remains Available. What Apology?

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.19.42 AM

Pit Bull in Chains on Forever 21 Hoodie

hoodie 1

City of Dogs with Ken Foster

City of Dogs

Steve Dale and the Pit Boss on WGN Radio

Pet expert Steve Dale on WGN radio with Shorty Ross on pit bulls

Delta Airlines Bans Dogs Called Pit Bulls

Fiona is not allowed on Delta airlines because she looks like a pit bull

Pit Bulls on Planes to Pets In Divorce to Power of a Dog’s Nose with Karen Conti on WGN Radio

Really? Banning any dog called a pit bull from a plane?

Chicago Alderman Sposato Comments on the Firing of CACC Executive Director Susan Russell

Susan Russell adopting a dog successfully during a pet adoption segment. City appeared to not like the fact that so many pit bull looking dogs are at CACC. That will continue whether or not Russell is there