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Some Are Determined to Continue Puppy Mill Pipeline in Illinois

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Florida Effort to Keep Puppy Mills In Business

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New Commander in White House: Bidens Get a Puppy


Here’s Another Reason to Never Buy Puppies at Pet Stores

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Surgery on a Dog Born with Paws Upside Down

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Crate Train or Not?

Dr. Mark Russak's grandkids and Oscar Meyer Weiner

Pet Stores Continue Selling Dogs and Cats in Chicago Will Now Pay a Price


April Bans on Pet Store Sales of Dogs and Cats

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Chicago Closes a Loophole: Reaffirming No Dogs, Cats or Rabbits Sold at Pet Stores


Lemon Law Is No Answer: More Like Pet Store (and Puppy Mill) Protection

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Can Alderman Ray Lopez Hold Up A Humane Ordinance?

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Your Pandemic Puppy: Finding and Raising A Well-Adjusted Dog During COVID-19

Your pandemic puppy