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Potty Training 101

Go puppy go....House Training 101

Queen of Poop and Puppy Mill Project on WGN Radio

Queen of Poop, Puppy Mill Project and new law to protect pets in the coldest weather on WGN Radio

AKC Supports Responsible Breeders or Puppy Mills? Which Is It?

Which is it AKC? You can't continue to walk both sides of this issue

8 Resolutions for Pets

Saving a Puppy's Life

Good samaritan saves a puppy

164 Pomeranians Confiscated

Backyard breeder or puppy mill dogs confiscated

Human Campylobacter Outbreak Linked to Puppies Sold at Petland, CDC

CDC says Campylobacter now in many states and many pet stores

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Puppy Mill March on Michigan Avenue, with pups, of course

Inside A Pet Store: Why Dogs and Cats Should Not be Sold at Pet Stores

Why no dogs and cats should be sold at pet stores

New Puppy 101

new puppy tips

AKC Appears to Like Puppy Mills?

AKC opposes limits on pet store sales

Doc Emrich Scores Again for South Suburban Humane

Steve Dale speaks with Emily Klehm of South Suburban Humane on WGN radio