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Rosie is Riveting: Adopt a Dog on WGN Radio

How can someone not adopt this puppy?

Over 60 Dogs Rescued from Puppy Mill

What do you mean puppy mills don't exist? Or that there is no definition?

Mothers In The Mills: Puppy Mill Project Benefit

Puppy Mill Project benefit Mothers in the Mills

Is Petuna Peculiar?

What's this about?

Puppy Mill Support Bill Rant and Adopting Dogs From Overseas

Dogs from South Korea arriving for Magnificent Mutts

Devilish Puppies: National Puppy Day

What to do about demon puppies, National Puppy Day

Illinois Bill is Supportive of Puppy Mills

Who would support this?

Bill To Ban Limits on Pet Store Sales Not Heard

Bill on hold - at least for now in the Illinois House

AKC Defends Bill Supporting Puppy Mills in Illinois

Veterinary association and AKC supporting puppy mills?

American Kennel Club Defends Support of Law Banning Limits on Pet Store Sales

AKC attempts to defend their position

Vancouver Seeks to Ban Pet Store Sales of Dogs and Cats

Vancouver seeking limit of pet store sales

USDA Allows a Trickle of Reports, Just a Trickle

USDA budges, but not very much