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Can Dogs/Cats Continue to be Sold at Illinois Pet Stores?

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Humane Laws to Abolish Puppy Mills in Australia

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Drama in Illinois: So Far Anyway, Law Stands – No Dogs or Cats Sold at Pet Stores

pet store puppies

Desperation from Illinois Pet Stores: Protect Our Pets is Protecting Puppy Mills

HB 4643

Some Are Determined to Continue Puppy Mill Pipeline in Illinois

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Florida Effort to Keep Puppy Mills In Business

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Pet Store Sales Drama in Illinois Continues

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More Cities Ban Pet Store Sales of Dogs, Cats


Iowa Dog Breeder Allegedly Placed Hundreds of Dogs in ‘Serious Danger’


Mark Cushing on Pet Nation and Pet Stores Selling Dogs and Cats

Pet Nation

Illinois Bans Dog/Cat Sales at Pet Stores; Dog Breed Profiling

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Protect Our Pets is a Sham

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