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New York Moves to Ban Sales of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits Sold at Pet Stores

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Finally Chicago Closing a Loophole so No Dogs, Cats or Rabbits are Sold at Pet Stores; Also Enriching Cat Lives


Chicago Moves to Prevent Sales of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits at Pet Stores Once and For All

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Hundreds of French Bulldogs Imported from Puppy Mill; Dozens Die

puppy mill

Pet Stores to Finally Stop Selling Puppies in Chicago; How to Feed Cats on WGN Radio


Chicago Moves to Really Ban Sales of Dogs/Cats/Rabbits at Pet Stores for Good Reason


Pandemic Not Slowing Puppy Mills

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Cities Banning Sales of Dogs and Cats (and Rabbits) at Pet Stores, Even During Pandemic

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Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores Banned in 350 Cities

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Olympia, WA Bans Sales of Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores

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King John Williams with Steve Dale on Pet Store Sales

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Illinois Could Ban Sales of Dogs/Cats at Pet Stores

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