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Cities and States Continue to Limit Pet Store Sales

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Beloit Wisconsin Says NO to Puppy Millers

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How Do You Know the Dog Isn’t from a Puppy Mill?

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Houston: Humane Laws Pass

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Drama in Illinois: So Far Anyway, Law Stands – No Dogs or Cats Sold at Pet Stores

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Pet Store Sales Drama in Illinois Continues

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Here’s Another Reason to Never Buy Puppies at Pet Stores

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Desperate Pet Stores Last Ditch Effort to Override Bill Banning Dog and Cat Sales in Illinois

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More Cities Ban Pet Store Sales of Dogs, Cats


Mark Cushing on Pet Nation and Pet Stores Selling Dogs and Cats

Pet Nation

Illinois Bans Dog/Cat Sales at Pet Stores; Dog Breed Profiling

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Illinois is Now the Fifth State to Ban Dog/Cat Sales at Pet Stores

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