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Cat Cafe Knock Off For Rats

the newest thing is a cafe for rats ?

Rat City

Leptospirosis in the city - blame the rats

Leptospirosis Around America

Leptospirosis can be deadly

Leptospirosis Test is a SNAP

Leptospirosis seems to be the rise

Leptospirosis an Increasing Problem

Dr. Natalie Marks on leptospirosis

Pet Snakes, Lizards, Birds, Rats: All Unlikely Companions

Snakes on a radio!

Do Pets Have Emotions?

Dr. Jaak Pankseep

Is PeTA Crazy? Protecting City Rats?

PeTA thinks we should protect the rats? They're nuts!

Oh Rats! Pick up After Your Dog

Pet expert Steve Dale comments on a proposed Chicago ordinance to fine property owners when dog owners don't pick up

Rats Don't Like Dog Poop

Pet expert Steve Dale says Dog poop in no way contributes to Chicago's rat problem

Snakes Rule in a Chicago Neighborhood

Common garter snake may deter rats says pet expert Steve Dale

Alderman Lopez: Wants a Humane Chicago

Pet expert Steve Dale and Chicago Alderman Ray Lopez talk about picking up dog poop and lowering Chicago's euthanasia rate