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Stop Lyme and Stop Cancer in People and Pets

Pet expert talks about what Blue Buffalo is doing to help dogs and people with cancer

Car Guy Talk: Consumer Guide Automotive

Tom Appell talks on Steve Dale's Other World about car trends, and this one could be the car of the future

Bark in the Park Saves Lives

Bark in the Park raises dollars for the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago

National Dog Bite Prevention

National Dog Bite Prevention, list of cities that most often bite letter carriers

Pet Meets Baby: Pet Bite Prevention

Steve Dale writes about Pets and babies and preventing bites

Steve Dale Makes Rat News

Chicago and other major cities offer free handouts to rats

Dr. Kim Kendall Cats Revealed

Dr. Kim Kendall and Steve Dale on WGN Radio; she says cats are more honest than dogs

Story Behind One Dog Rescue

Story behind Gabe's Gang Dog Rescue

Overweight Labradors: It May Not be Their Fault

Does this research reveal why so many Labradors are overweight or obese?

Dog Flu: Big Sneeze in Central Illinois

Dog flu is occurring in Central Illinois, and in other places around America

Steve Dale Named to SPCA Puerto Vallarta Advisory Board

Steve and Robin at SPCA Puerto Vallarta