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Animal Abuser Registry Passes in Cook County

Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey and Smudge (photograph, Karen Morgan)

Veterinarian and Doctor Talk One Health: Tick Disease

Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr. Patricia DeLaMora speak about Lyme disease in people and in pets

Fort McMurray Pet Update

Rhonda Kossey looks after Elmo, Gizmo, and, Lacey while staying at the Anzac Community Centre (photo by Topher Seguin Reuters)

STOP LYME Campaign Begins

Pet expert Steve Dale initiates a Stop Lyme Campaign

Mother Knows Best

Mom's know a lot - and help to answer questions sent to Steve Dale

Celebrate National Pet Week

Touching video from AVMA to celebrate National Pet Week

Mothers in the Mills: Support for Puppy Mill Project

Saving Puppy Mill Dogs - that a bad cause

Cats Are Safer Indoors Only

Life is safer when cats are kepts inside only

It's My Other World: Steve Dale Podcasts

Check out Steve Dale's Other World

No More Unemployed Cats

Tree House Working Cats Project

Prisoners Training Dogs

Dogs saved and people saved

Cinco De Meow: Felines & Canines

Cinco De Meow benefits Canines & Felines