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Paul Vallas Cares About Companion Animals and Has a Plan

You can call this a political endorsement for Paul Vallas, or you can call it the truth. Perhaps it is both.  I know a few of the various candidates running for Mayor of the City of Chicago. And I like more than one. But there is only one who is proactively saying companion animals matter…

Pete the Vet

Dr. Pete Wedderburn, or as this media star in the UK is known at Pete the Vet and I talk on Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio show chat about International Cat Care.(i-CatCare)  iCatCare is a non-profit with a vision to help all cats that are treated with care, compassion and understanding. Here’s where you can sign…

Results of IDEXX Preventive Care Study

I’ve been talking and preaching about preventive pet care for many years. Dr. Graham Bilbrough, medical affairs manager at IDEXX reveals on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World the results of one of the largest studies ever conducted in veterinary medicine.  Over 5,000 veterinary practices across and a quarter a million pet profiles in North…

8 Cat Introduction Tips on WGN Radio

When on the radio, there’s little I enjoy more than helping people and their pets. Or trying to do that. As you can listen to HERE  on my last WGN radio Steve Dale’s Pet World show, I sometimes struggled a bit to answer texts. It’s because I obviously can’t ask any follow up questions, and only…

Elephants in Thailand: Kanta Elephant Sanctuary

With Brian Noonan on WGN radio, I talk HERE about my visit to Kanta Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. I explain why elephant sanctuaries exist in the first place. I speak about the differences between the two types of Asian elephants. I also talk about why I didn’t visit an elephant sanctuary where elephants “perform” and give…

Pet Resolutions for 2019

Here are nine messages I resolve to attempt to communicate – pet resolutions for 2019: Fear Free Fear Free began as an initiative to certify veterinary professionals to implement methods to limit fear, anxiety and stress that pets (and as a result their people) feel during veterinary visits. The impact continues to be so profound…

Fear Free: A Paradigm Shift

Fear Free is now a BIG DEAL! I talk on my national radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, about the Fear Free initiative with its creator Dr. Marty Becker. And boy has this idea taken off! The idea was originally to minimize fear, anxiety and stress of veterinary visits. And while individual veterinary professionals and…

Celebrating the Christmas Season on WGN Radio

Celebrating the season, and Christmas on WGN with the same guests I’ve had on for the past three years on WGN Radio. Listen HERE to the crystal clear voice of Emily Montelongo, accompanied on piano by Bob Biliskov. I think Emily hit some notes that cracked studio windows 18 floors up. Emily also teaches me…

Pet Resolutions from AVMA President on WGN Radio

I speak with the President, the one who matters in my world, the President of the American Veterinary Medical Association Dr. John de Jong here on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio about pet resolutions. Listen HERE to Dr de Jong’s New Year’s pet resolutions. Number one is preventive care, as Dr. de Jong talks about…

Steve Dale on WGN: Upside of Aging; Amazing Kreskin; Computer Geek; Getting into Shape

Hear the show, filling in on WGN Radio with various special guests, starting with Paul Irving , staying forever young with the Chairman of the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging and Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology.  He says for the first time in…

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