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Stop Lyme Campaign

Stop Lyme

Veterinarian with Lyme talks with Steve Dale

Dr. Grace Bransford talks One Health and the Stop Lyme campaign with Steve Dale on WGN Radio

Preventing Lyme Co-Infection and Lyme Re-Infection

Larva stage of the Ixodes tick is tiny

We Can Protect Our Pets Against Tick Disease

What we can do and should do to protect our dogs against tick disease

Is Lyme Disease Real? Expert from Global Lyme Alliance

Steve Dale talks with Dr. Harriet Kotsoris of Global Lyme Alliance about Stop Lyme

Stop Lyme: Tips on Prevention

Stop Lyme campaign offers advice regarding keeping ourselves safe of ticks and tick disease

Get Ready for Even MORE Tick Disease

We're going to see more of these this summer

Lyme Matters

Stop Lyme campaign and why it's important from the American Animal Hospital Associaiton

Veterinarian and Physician On STOP LYME

Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr. Patricia DeLaMora on Stop Lyme


AVMA Comments on Stop Lyme campaign

Celebrate the Tick Eating Opossum

Opossum like to eat ticks, and help to fight tick disease

AVMA Weighs in to Stop Lyme

Steve Dale speaking with AVMA CEO/President Dr. Ron DeHaven