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Heartworm is 100 Percent Preventable

heartworm, Steve-Dale

Tick Disease is Forever


World Veterinary Day


Ticks Continue Their Bite Well Into Fall

dog on a tree stump in the woods

Halloween Pet Costume Trends; Visit Chicago Mayoral Candidate and Pet Lovers, and More


Translating FDA Alert Regarding Chewable Flea and Tick Products

Dr. Todd McCracken and Steve Dale explain FDA alert on flea and tick products

Translating FDA Alert About Flea/Tick Products

FDA flea/tick product concerns

Tick Disease Happens in the Fall; Supporting Older Cats

Stop Lyme with Dr. Michael Dryden on WGN radio

Tick Disease is Ecological Havoc

Pet expert Steve Dale and veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden on tick disease in the fall

Cats Do Get Tick Disease

Cats get tick disease too

Longhorned Ticks: An Unwanted Import from Asia

Threat of longhorned ticks

Dr. Shelly Rubin on Mosquitoes, Heartworm and More on WGN Radio

Dr. Rubin in the new WGN studios