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Fear Free and Cat Friendly Practices Save Lives

This is how it should be , certified Fear Free veterinarian Dr. Natalie Marks with Roxy, at Blum Animal Hospital - a Cat Friendly Practice

Double Defense Multimodal Approach

Deal with mosquitoes to offer Double Defense against heartworm

Lyme Disease on the Rise in Pittsburgh

Tick disease is spreading

Veterinarians Endorse Double Defense to Protect Against Heartworm; Tick Diseases in Cats and More

Heartworm doesn't necessarily stop in the winter, and most certainly not in the south

Ticks Like Kids and Dogs; Preventing Tick Disease

Kids and dogs and tick disease, and a pediatric physician explaining

Veterinarian Discusses Stop Lyme Campaign

D. Natalie Marks, DVM on Stop Lyme campaign

Stop Lyme Campaign

Stop Lyme

Best Mosquitoes Are Dead Mosquitoes

Dr. Stephanie Liff with Steve Dale believes Double Defense is a good idea

Mosquito Eradication Killing Bees

Killing mosquitoes goes too far

Double-Defense Against Heartworm

Mosquitoes spread heartworm to dogs, and disease to us  - keep them away

Veterinarian with Lyme talks with Steve Dale

Dr. Grace Bransford talks One Health and the Stop Lyme campaign with Steve Dale on WGN Radio

Cats Are Second Class Citizens When It Comes to Parasite Protection

Flea and tick protection is important for cats as much as it is dogs