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Speaking Out on Kristen Lindsey Case

Astounding Facebook post

Dr. Bill Folger First Interview on the Cat Shooting Veterinarian

Kristen Lindsey and Tiger

TNR Is Right: National Feral Cat Day

National Feral Cat Day is October 16

Do They Really Know What TNR Is, Or They Don't Care?

Returning young kittens is inhumane, and shocking

TNR Flashback with Cook County Commissioner Joan Patricia Murphy

Joan Patricia Murphy

TNR Friendly Kittens Should Be Adopted

Kittens can be adopted

Illinois Governor Targets Cats

Governor Pat Quinn worked to protect pets, and with the Puppy Mill Project

Cats Are Safer Indoors Only

Life is safer when cats are kepts inside only

No More Unemployed Cats

Tree House Working Cats Project

Tree House Supports Funds for TNR

Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the same group that wants to kill feral cats supports the same with Bobcat

TNR Feral Cats: Illinois DNR Call: 'Vote No'

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources puts an ending to funding hope for spay/neuter of feral cats

Feral Cats and Rats: John Kass Has a Plan

Chicago Tribune reporter John Kass offers Steve Dale his idea for dealing with feral or community cats