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World Gorilla Day


National Dog Day on a Dog-Loving Island


Pet Safety on the Road

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COVID-19 Update with a Boarded Northwestern Hospital ER Doctor, Crime in the City and Unraveling Current Travel Mess

Cappleman Dale

Tips on Pet Travel


Human Animal Bond Association Facebook Live, Subaru Loves Pets and Cats Love Sleepypod

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Pet Safety Traveling by Car

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Restraining Dogs in Vehicles in the U.S., U.K. and Australia

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Nancy Kelly of Kelly Cruises & Tours on WGN

Cruise - Vets at Sea 172-export-1

Elephants in Thailand: Kanta Elephant Sanctuary


World Elephant Day

Celebrating protection of elephants on World Elephant Day

Pit Bulls on Planes to Pets In Divorce to Power of a Dog’s Nose with Karen Conti on WGN Radio

Really? Banning any dog called a pit bull from a plane?