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Chicago No Kill: Tree House Humane Society

Tree House Humane Society Position on Chicago moving to No Kill

Better Plan For Feral Cats, What Is It?

Steve Dale responds to John Kass newspaper column on TNR and feral cats

Feral Cats, Don't Mix Facts with Fiction

Pet expert Steve Dale writes an piece on TNR opposing the John Kass stor

Feline Soap Operas: Real Tree House Cats of Chicago

Steve Dale posts Real Tree House Cats of Chicago

Chicago Has a Rat Problem, But This is NO Solution

Steve Dale says picking up dog poo won't impact rat numbers, this is what attracts rats

Help Tree House to Help Cats

Help Tree House to help cats

Chicago Plans To Fine Dog Owners Who Don't Pick Up in Their Own Yards

Pet expert Steve Dale says ordinance to force people to pick up dog poop won't affect rat numbers

Cat Café Comes To Chicago, First at a Cat Shelter

Steve Dale announces the Tree House Cat Cafe approved by Chicago City Council

Real Tree House Cats: A Spy in Our Midst

Cat expert Steve Dale writes about Real Tree House cats

Oh Rats: Call In the Cats

Where there are city cats there are no city rats

For the Love of Beer and Cats

Pet expert Steve Dale writes about a Tree House Humane Society beer event

Internet Cat Video Festival