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Now is the Time to Vaccinate for Dog Flu

At its worst veterinarians were even vaccinating in parking lots so unvaccinated dogs wouldn't be exposed in-clinic

Treating Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

As dogs live longer, more likely we see cognitive decline

Steve Dale and Bill and Wendy Go Wild for Gorillas, and Learn About Leptospirosis

with Bill and Wendy

Teaching "Sit"

Teaching a dog "sit" is all about having fun and positive reinforcement

Cats Win with NoBowl Enrichment

Cat get to be cats with NoBowl Feed System

Don't Insult the King's Dog

Pet expert Steve Dale on the Royal dog of Thailand and the king

Dog Flu Halts Adoptions at Anti Cruetly

Dog flu stops adoptions at Anti Cruelty

A Dogs Purpose: Is This Purposeful Animal Abuse?

What happened during the filming of this movie?

Declaw May be Banned in New Jersey

Should declaw be banned?

Hands-On Behavior Learning at AVMA

check out these interactive sessions at AVMA Convention

Pet-Safe Lawns

Espoma Safe Paws Handout

It's Better to be a Dog: Lyme Disease Forum