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What is a Veterinary Social Worker?

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Increasingly People Don’t Want to Vaccinate Their Dogs

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My Story: That’s What Veterinary Friends Are For

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Where to Get Puppies and House training tips with veterinary technician Debbie Martin

canine and feline behavior

AVMA Excellence in Media Award: So Proud My Name Is On It

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How Many Pets Are Overweight/Obese, Why That Is and What to Do About It with Dr. Ernie Ward


Virtual Care and PA’s in Vet Medicine; And Support for Sales of Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores


Purina Supporting AVMF Charitable Healthcare Program


Leptospirosis and also Cats and Kittens 101


ASPCA Report: Pet Parents Want and Need Telehealth Relief


Now Is the Time to Use Heartworm Prevention


Sweet Dog Survives Being Beaten with a Hammer