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Lifetime of Love

Life time of Love National Pet Week

National Pet Week

Celebrating National Pet Week

New Dog Flu: New Vaccination Makes Sense

Dr, Natalie Marks talks with Steve Dale about the H3N2 dog flu

Pet Friendlier Vaccinations

a new means to deliver vaccines so pets aren't as uncomfortable

Veterinary Nurses or Veterinary Technicians?

Veterinary technicians or veterinary nurses, a topic discussed by Stephen Cital with Steve Dale

Discussion About High Suicide Rate Among Veterinarians

Steve Dale and Matt Holland on WGN Radio

Cats Getting Dog Flu, The Truth – No Need to Panic

Steve Dale reports on cats getting the dog flu

Choose Qualified Help for Pet Behavior Problems

Pet expert Steve Dale speaks with Michael Shikashio International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Who Doesn't Love Puppies

Steve Dale and Dr. Nancy Soares of the American Animal Hospital Association talk puppies

Dog Flu Update

Pet expert Steve Dale continues to cover the canine influenza virus

Dog Flu Update: Your Questions Answered

pet expert Steve Dale offers a dog flu update

Puppy Mills: Let's At Least Try To Stop Them

Pet expert Steve Dale describes his efforts to fight puppy mills