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Heartfelt Connections on WGN: Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Llamas and More

Anne Beall and Steve Dale talk about "Heartfelt Connections," like dogs who help kids to read

Pets for Vets

Roger Rosenquist of Pets for Vets on WGN radio

Doc Emrich Scores Again for South Suburban Humane

Steve Dale speaks with Emily Klehm of South Suburban Humane on WGN radio

Bark in the Park for Anti Cruelty Society

Bark in the Park near Soldier Field is a blast!

Rosie is Riveting: Adopt a Dog on WGN Radio

How can someone not adopt this puppy?

The Real Lucille Ball with Stu's Show

Stu Shostak on Life with Lucy

MedVet Chicago is Like a Mayo Clinic for Pets

Dr. Aaron Jackson on WGN   radio

Victoria Stilwell: Guardians of the Night, Puppy Mills

Steve Dale chats with Victoria Stilwell

Comptroller's Critters, Susana Mendoza on WGN Radio

Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza is re-launching Comptroller's Critters

Fear Free and Cat Friendly Practices Save Lives

This is how it should be , certified Fear Free veterinarian Dr. Natalie Marks with Roxy, at Blum Animal Hospital - a Cat Friendly Practice

Ovarian Cancer: Dogs May Help to Develop a Blood Test

What dogs are doing to help find a test for ovarian cancer. Penn Vet photo

Talking to You about Pets on WGN Radio

Talking pets Sunday morning on WGN radio, including the Chicago Blackhawks support of pet adoption