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Free Willy: He Needs A Home on WGN Radio

Steve Dale and Steve Cochran hope to adopt Willy on WGN Radio

Adopt This Dog from South Korea: Magnificent Mutts

We hope someone adopts this dog

Supporting Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return

Supporting humane solutions for community cats

Puppy Mill Support Bill Rant and Adopting Dogs From Overseas

Dogs from South Korea arriving for Magnificent Mutts

Celebrating National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day is around the corner

Pet Lovers of Illinois Aren't So Pet Loving

How can legislators even think about supporting puppy mills?

Adopt Rocky from Animal Care and Control

Rocky deserves a fighting chance

Steve Dale's Answers Your Questions On-Air

Pet expert Steve Dale takes questions on WGN radio

Pet Snakes, Lizards, Birds, Rats: All Unlikely Companions

Snakes on a radio!

1Pet 1Vet: Saving Veterans

1Pet 1Vet on Steve Dale's Pet World

Steve and Steve Dog Adoption Kicks off


Steve Dale with Bill and Wendy on WGN

Steve Dale with Wendy Snyder and Bill Leff on WGN Radio