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Police Suffering High Suicide Rates

Steve Dale talks with Chicago Police Chaplain Metro Police Las Vegas REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus

Chicago Canine Rescue Mutt Strut to Raise Dollars for No Kill Shelter

Pet expert Steve Dale on Chicago Mutt Strut with Anna Johnson on WGN radio

Adopt Coco from Anti Cruelty and Houston, on WGN Radio

How you not want to take in this dog? This is Coco

Molly the Fire Safety Dog on WGN Radio

Molly and Hilton on WGN radio

Adopt this "Gentle-as-a-Lamb" Dog on WGN Radio

Chop, available for adoption from Anti Cruelty Society

Puppy Up, Steve Dale's Pet World WGN

Puppy Up Foundation and dog and people with cancers on WGN radio

Windy Kitty Cat Café & Lounge News: Come Join Us!

Windy KItty Cat Cafe and Lounge is about to happen

AVMA on Preventive Care for Pets, Double-Defense Against Heartworm on WGN

Dr. Janet Donlin, CEO of AVMA on the show and so is a distinguished veterinary parasitologist

Bowling for Rhinos: Steve Dale's Other World Podcast

Bowl for Rhinos

Adopt Norm from Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control

Adopt Norm, and if you are unable spread the word

Mutt Jackson, Dog Washes at Montrose Dog Beach

Mutt Jackson

Cat Café Set to Open in the Windy Kitty

I am SO for this, the Windy Kitty Cat Cafe