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Bowling for Rhinos: Steve Dale's Other World Podcast

It’s said that there’s a podcast about everything, but this might be the first podcast in the history of podcasts that describes the five remaining rhinoceros species in detail, and is all about what you can do to help the plight of these beleaguered species by Bowling for Rhinos. Listen HERE as I am joined…

Which Animals Use Tools?

We know some animals use tools, specifically great apes—our closest relatives—but there are lots of other examples in the wild. Here is one of those examples: an elephant is using a large branch to fend off a rhinoceros, although the elephant could have better aim. And, it’s impossible to understand why this female elephant felt…

Wildlife in Mexico

Viva Natura: A Field Guide to the Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals of Western Mexico author Petr Myska talks here on Steve Dale’s Other World podcast about how, as a tourist in Mexico, you might take a day trip to see and swim with whale sharks or sea turtles or walk through a jungle with monkeys and…

Are Wild Canines Getting the Dog Flu?

Q: Louisville is being slammed with cases of dog flu. I have been keeping my dogs on my property, but I know we are visited by coyotes and foxes at times. I vaccinated my dogs two years ago and then again this year. I’m also the former president of WAGS, a pet therapy group and currently…

Global Warming is Not Fake News

I am sure I’ll get many emails that this post is politically charged. I’m unsure why protecting our planet, and the fact that climate change exists, has become a political issue. There are 192 nations that believe climate change is real, and, from China to Iceland, they are determined to do something about it. Here are…

Dr. Laurie Hess on Frog Unlikely Companions

Steve Dale appears in this video with a monkey tree frog and a waxy tree frog with Dr. Laurie Hess, author of “Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of an Exotic Animal Doctor (or, What Friends Feathered, Furred, and Scaled Have Taught Me about Life and Love” Frogs are cool pets – the coolest likely if you are…

Elephant Falls on Big Game Hunter

Big game hunter Theunis Botha, 51, of BTB Game Hound Safaris, was reportedly killed when he was crushed to death after an elephant had been shot at Good Luck Farm in Zimbabwe, Africa. According to reports, the elephants were enraged and, when shot, one fell on the hunter. The hunt was reportedly legal. The above…

Morris Animal Foundation, Pets' Best Friend

If you have a pet dog, cat, or maybe even a sea lion or mountain gorilla (just kidding; do not get these animals as pets), you might want to thank Morris Animal Foundation for all they’ve funded. The Morris Animal Foundation funds studies for companion animals and for wild and captive (zoo) animals. On my national Steve Dale’s…

Pallas Cat Movie Star

Pallas cats are known to be shy and reclusive. This one however, at an unidentified zoo, realizes, “Whoa! I’m on camera!” Pallas cats are one of the many species of smaller cats found around the world. The Pallas Cat, also known as the manul, is a stocky, solitary animal around the same size as a…

Earth Day, Isn't About Politics It's About Saving the Planet

Of all holidays, Earth Day may be the most important. Without the Earth, we kind of have a problem. And the way things are going – we just might have a problem soon enough. I am sure I’ll get many emails that this post is politically charged. I’m unsure why protecting our planet, and the…

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