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Double Defense Against Heartworm and Feeding Cats on Steve Dale's Pet World

I’m thinking about mosquitoes that carry heartworm, so I talk with “Dr. Flea,” veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden, HERE on my WGN Radio Show, Steve Dale’s Pet World. As the weather warms, fleas are hopping into our lives, and mosquitoes begin to buzz about. The Centers for Disease Control has been all about directly dealing with…

Luna the Cat in Remission from FIP

Debra Roberts is no ordinary cat owner, and Luna is no ordinary cat. On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show we talk HERE about her cat, who has been diagnosed with feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Roberts noted that her 14- to 15-week-old Savannah cat didn’t seem to be doing well and was really…

FIP Update from Winn Feline Foundation

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is an immune-mediated disease that all too often kills cats, especially kittens. For many years, the nonprofit funder of cat health studies, Winn Feline Foundation, has funded research on the fatal disease, and in recent years, Winn dedicated the Bria Fund to specifically raise money for it. Legions around the world have…

Lincoln State Cat Show

The Lincoln State Cat Show is one of most celebrated cat shows in America, but what is a cat show all about? Do people strut around the ring with a cat at the end of the leash? We describe what happens at a cat show and how the Best in Show—and all the cats—are judged. Of…

Cats Hunting Indoors: It's Only Natural

Everyone’s talking about what we feed our cats. Instead, I am writing about how we feed out cats. Most cat caretakers feed their cats from bowls. And, most of those free-feed, leaving food out 24/7. In nature, however, cats don’t scarf down meals all at once. They catch what they can when they can. When…

Speaking Up Regarding Animal Welfare League; Purrs to Lincoln State Cat Show

I begin my WGN radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, with a message (listen to HERE) to the Board of Directors of the Animal Welfare League (AWL) of Chicago and Chicago Ridge. There is no doubt that at least some of the serious allegations against AWL must be true. After all, various individuals have provided documentation.…

Is Oral Cobalamin or Vitamin B12 Better than Injectables for Cats?

Cobalamin, or Vitamin B12 deficiency, is a common finding in cats with gastrointestinal diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, pancreatitis, and small intestinal lymphoma. While the mechanisms behind the associated deficiency in cats are not completely understood, there is strong evidence to support the need for supplementation. Cats with gastrointestinal signs and cobalamin…

Winn Feline Foundation: Affecting Every Cat Every Day

Nearly all that’s known about cat health has been discovered thanks to research funded by a nonprofit called the Winn Feline Foundation, which is now celebrating 50 years of funding cat health studies. As one example, if your cat eats, thank the Winn Feline Foundation. Back in the late 1970’s, dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a kind of…

Winn Feline Supports Study Using Holter Monitor for Cats

The Winn Feline Foundation has supported funding for cat health studies for 50 years. There’s no other organization solely dedicated to that mission. While Winn Feline funds all kinds of studies, from cutting-edge stem cell research to studies that give us a better understanding of kidney disease in cats, there are two dedicated funds: The Bria…

PetsMart Charities and Winn Feline Foundation Partner to Help Shelter Cats

PetSmart Charities and the Winn Feline Foundation initiated a partnership to focus on learning more about shelter cats. I talk on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show HERE with Dr. David Haworth, president of PetSmart Charities in the U.S. and Canada and Dr. Vicki Thayer, executive director of the Winn Feline Foundation. Celebrating 50 years, the…

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