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Lonely Penguin Watches His Own Kind on an iPad

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National Zookeeper Week

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COVID-19 and Pets and Wild Animals: What’s Known and Not Known

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Zoos on the Edge: Conservation Programs Cut While Trump Administration Makes Matters Worse

By Popular Vote, San Diego Zoo Hippo Calf Is Named Amahle
Name, Meaning “Beautiful One” in Zulu, 
Chosen in “Good Morning America” Online Vote 
Following nationwide online voting this month, the San Diego Zoo’s new river hippo calf now has a name. The 20-day-old female will be called Amahle (pronounced ah-MA-shay), which means “beautiful one” in Zulu. Her name was revealed today (February 28, 2020) during a live, early-morning television segment on “Good Morning America”—in front of a crowd of enthusiastic San Diego Zoo team members and volunteers.
“The fact that so many people were part of this process has been amazing.  Amahle was a name suggested multiple times and it couldn’t be a better fit.”  “It is a Zulu name, just like her mom’s, and she certainly is a beautiful one,” said Jennifer Chapman, wildlife care specialist at the San Diego Zoo. “My hope is that those who participated in this naming event will feel a connection with Amahle and are inspired to learn more about river hippos and ways they can help hippos in their native range in Africa.”
Amahle is the ninth calf born at the San Diego Zoo to her 3,600-pound mother, Funani, and she is Funani’s 13th calf.  Active and healthy, Amahle currently weighs an estimated 100 pounds.
Guests visiting the San Diego Zoo can see Amahle and her mother in the hippo habitat on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends. 
Photo taken on February, 28, 2020 by Tammy Spratt, San Diego Zoo

Getting Reclusive Eels to Stick their Necks Out

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Animals Visiting Animals at Zoos

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Dedicated Zoo Staff Continues to Care for Animals During Pandemic

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COVID-19 And Zoo or Companion Animals: What Is Known


Malayan Tiger at Bronx Zoo Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Lincoln Park Zoo Lights


The Woman Who Loves Giraffes: Academy Award Quality and Inspiring

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World Gorilla Day