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When We Kill Animals, We Kill Ourselves

Your kids or grandkids may one day only see any rhinoceros species in zoos

Elephant Loves the Foot Pad Trim

Using positive reinforcement, this elephant actually looks forward to foot pad trims

Camels Can Hop On to the Scale But Not Cats?

If they can weigh a camel, you'd think a cat would be easy

Animal Poop Deck

What zoos are learning from "black gold"

Was Shooting the Gorilla the Best Choice?

Harambe was shot and killed when a little boy fell into the exhibit

A Zoo Vet Office, Just Like Yours – but with Elephants

Koala Presentation at Budapest Zoo, Hungary

Trump Defends His Sons Hunting Exotic Wildlife

Enriched Pet Environments Lead to Healthier Lives

Lincoln Park Zoo and Animals Lose a Friend

Otters Play Piano

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